Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Pop Music Pop Culture
for Sidney Poitier

giving birth to and bringing up
lunatics and monsters

these women so unlike our mothers
without our fathers
cut off from the olden days
attempting to raise children
with T.V. wisdom

raising who inevitably
have to be erased or razed down

all over the road
wallowing and hollering
when these lives, blank of humanity
are taken by others,
equally zombies

like ghosts killing ghosts in this land

anybody thinking
they have a right to parent
however wrong their ideas are
passing them on
or with little or nothing to pass on
and jealous about input
from any other source

their own doll baby to take care of
as if life were a toy

children growing up
to be monsters too soon

society's strings to play and to pop
along with nerves

© Obediah Michael Smith. 2007
8:33 a.m. 24/07/07


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