Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Imagination Tree
for Crystal Fraser

memory, remember me, tree of life
pick me, pick three, I’ll let you
for juice and seeds

leaves will fall when fall comes
for anyone passing to walk on,
walk over, walk through

what trails we leave when we pass
trembling with delight or weather

cold winds blow when we want warmth

blossoming, becoming a woman
filling a cup up, filling her cups up

cut me down
if you find me bitter to bite, to chew,
I want you to like my flavor, my fragrance

I want you to plant my seeds
so I’ll be available, season after season

I want your image
on my cathedral windows, in stained glass,
with light passing through

essence of existence to savor
save her, waste none
of an orange handed to you
upon a palm, upon a platter

plait her hair, it’s time for bed
time for soft, see-through attire

pitch-black night outside
dogs asleep, not even a whimper
but the cars with their music
without fail, booming by

© Obediah Michael Smith, 2007
11:54 p.m. 21/08/07


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