Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Wickedest Slam
for Beenie Man

who all ahead a me
haul ahead a me
holler ahead a me

my turn when
myself in hand until admitted
until I'm able to enter your room
until I'm able to enter you

how long before I am long in you
before I'm opening you with this
opening that with this

silver suit to shed
outfitted in what
is made of snake skin
to charm me in, to win me with
to draw me in

I'm drawn to you
hopelessly in love
was it first sight or soon after

your bits
especially that bit,
hand upon the car before you
stooping to dance the butterfly
to do the butterfly

what hips and how they roll
use mouse to return to watch you
feel you, have you, take you, keep you

must have returned to this two hundred times
in two days, since this gift was shared

woman of mine, I'm unable to touch
unable to get near, provided me this
provided you, I did not have to-
did not need to hunt you down
find you for myself

lady in my life, young yet, in school still
Saturday or was it Sunday
when this spilled out
I spilled milk twice that day
and can again

how carried away
you inspire me to get, to go

I want to free you
of your silver suit I love
see your skin I love more than
I can love any outfit

what is it about you
that I'm attached to
that attaches to me

oh where on earth can I find you
in what country
in whose arms

impossible I know
to find you unattached
and is love alone resource enough
is a poem sufficient to lure you away
to draw you away

how easily I am intimidated
by who would take up arms
resort to violence in competition

I know the roughest men are after you
have most likely gotten you
without a doubt have had you

my love and me, where can we fit in
insufficient of anything to be competitive

how far can I get with a poem or two
what all can I get if I wrote you a song

Beenie Man baby, star of his video
you are the wickedest slam
I have for long been dreaming of

found you but how far away you are still
what contact is having you
on my computer screen
having you on YouTube
and on my mind

you do not know at all that I exist
had I several million, I'd invest
one or two to find you
to locate you, to have you

if I find you or when I do
I want to keep you

keep yourself for me
if you can hear me, do that for me

I know the video camera man's
in love with you
how can he help but be

you in his lens,
dancing like you can, like you do
do you love him too

happy and grateful
through him, allowed to see too
a bit of access
but far from sufficient

wish I were God
to be able to fill up
any one he chooses

to breathe breath
into all the girls
into all the world

© Obediah Michael Smith, 2011
6:45 a.m. 22.02.11


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