Sunday, July 15, 2007

In the name of God, what's going on on out streets? These noises definitely amount to, as well as indicate, a terrible evil, and I hear no one in authority say one word about these noises being disallowed.

Is it because policeman and politician, now men in government, are all part of this very same abominable evil?

I see this connection clearly. I hear from privately owned vehicles, the same volume of house-shaking, earth-shattering noises which accompanied campaigning this past May and up to election day. But it has not gone away. It seems they, politicians, sanctioned these noises then and they do not stand against them now. This is part of the insanity I've written of earlier, elsewhere, which political culture and its mentality release into the culture generally and permanently.

These noises need to be shut off, snuffed out. Political campaigning is over. These are the inconsistencies about governing which for me amount to hypocrisy. The need for grouper and craw fish season; the need for national parks; the sensitivity which these regulations suggest, imply; even the need for national health insurance. These certainly suggest caring to me.

But when these same persons in government, with every square inch of the nation, as well as everyone to see over - to be custodian of, how is it that there is such hush regarding these ungodly disturbances, especially from vehicles on our streets? How come there is silence, not a word, about eliminating smoking in public places in The Bahamas? Around the world this is being implemented. Why not here? Isn’t this Paradise?

Is it that where members of government live are like our nation's national parks and Kemp Road and other such areas are outside of any such protection? My demand is that you go far beyond Urban Renewal. I want to see the most inner of inner-city areas, treated like our nation's national parks.

I want Kemp Road and other such forsaken areas to become Edenic, like before the fall. No one informed me that Judgment had come and gone and I was assigned to hell for my sins. Attention has to be brought to these areas in our country to make them immediately fit for human habitation. These areas, criminally, are left to fester like sores.

The mayhem gets worse and worse, with little attention being paid. Bad habits and attitudes, towards who is neighbor in our inner-city communities, become worse and worse habits. This neglect, on the part of the-powers-that-be in our land, makes me ache. It seems, so-called leaders, only want the people to exploit to get into office; deep down though, they do not care genuinely, about transforming their lives.

Littering is another sin I'd mention before I shut off and shut up. Who has taught Bahamian adults and their children this habit? Who will help them to break it? It just gets passed on and on. Who will awaken these people, our people, to the fact that the ground they walk over and litter, is their country, is their earth and it is as much their own as themselves? Not realizing this is what is truly disenfranchisement and in comparison, voting is but little or nothing.

Who in God's name, is teaching Bahamian citizens principles - of citizenship and what it is and what it means to be a human being - what it is, this gift of society - what it makes possible - what we get from it and what in turn, we must give to it, in order for it to function, to work? It is delicate. It requires reciprocity.

Too many see themselves in society, only in roles of taking and taking - from politicians down to the most ordinary citizen; though there is nothing and can be nothing ordinary about citizenship. We have to give back as much as we take out of this social situation or it's gonna die and we're gonna die. Cold and simple.

Obediah Michael Smith,
July 15, 2007
6:15 p.m.
[edited 3:31 a.m. August 13, 2007]


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