Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My vote is for Hulan Hanna, not for Commissioner of Police but for Prime Minister.

I hear no one in leadership in this entire country speak as he does against the enemies of society, enemies of law and order, enemies of peace and tranquility. Every one else it seems is prepared to grin and bear it, to invite us generally to put up with it.

This land of ours is not at all too far from Edenic. Look about when it rains, when the sun rises or at twilight, between sunset and nightfall.

How can we allow who is unappreciative of peace, insensitive to beauty, to make life in The Bahamas, especially upon New Providence and in its capital, Nassau, a thing to get out of, to throw up and spit out. Antisocial persons with their noises and misbehavior, make life here so distasteful.

Hulan Hanna is the man, is the voice, which seems more than any other, not to compromise. Is this not how we produce productive families, children who are model citizens? Is it not with resolve, with the toughest possible love? It is not at all unlike an electrician, mason, carpenter, plumber who pulls out whatever tool is require to get the job done, to get whatever it is he's assigned to, is working on, functioning.

Am I to feel happy to bring a wife into communities as out of control as these inner city areas, to bring children into this world in such unsafe, insensitive places and raise them where criminals and the criminal-minded continually have the upper hand? Where they run things as is said on the street?

The behavior on the street, in and on vehicles, along Kemp Road, for example, leaves one to wonder what country we're in and why such persons seem to have no one to answer to. Why it seems, is there no law or God to fear?

Half-a-dozen Hulan Hanna's, I am certain, can turn this place around, could make me and everyone else, who is law abiding, proud to say, "I am a Bahamian". At Present, I do not at all care to boast of this.

Jacques Chirac, mayor of Paris from 1977 to 1995, made it safe to walk about Paris even during the night. Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani, brought about similar respect for law and order in New York City while he served as mayor, 1994–2001.

Look, fellow citizens, our entire population is just above 300,000, why therefore are things socially out of control? It could only be that who should be fighting crime is instead in collusion with the criminal element.

Hulan Hanna seems like, speaks like, sounds like pure water to me. He quenches my thirst when I hear him speak. This evening on the 7 o'clock news I heard him and I cried. He for me is a sign of hope. It seems he’s on the side of God, on the side of good, and not like those employed by light as well as darkness.

Obediah Michael Smith, 2007
7:53 p.m. 24/07/07


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