Thursday, August 16, 2007

Limbs Joints
of Natasha

eyes on her skin, I on her skin
eyes like insects, from conversation,
fall upon her arm, her leg

creep over, crawl,
creepy-crawling eyes, I'm unable to control,
wild, wanting to roam her limbs, her body
so much to explore

can I love her, outside of, other than,

have her in my heart also
admitted her ages ago
evening eyes met, got to me, gets to me

creeps about inside me also
across nerves, alive-girl, woman, friend

who lent her to me and for how long
how deeply have we gone, can we go
we meet, we’ve met

on the boarders of brilliance, of madness,
on the shores of beautiful, of art

shatter glass, face in a mirror
instead of mine, scared of mine
after nightfall
hers in mine to soften heartbeat

galloping cowboys,
run me out of town, firing

noose to string me up
I’ll be back, want her that much

Eve of St. Agnes, Porphyro in a closet,
Madeline stirring

when her eyes open, she’ll see me
off we’ll go, air lift, air-light
caught up in unbearable lightness

© Obediah Michael Smith, 2007
2:25 a.m. 16/08/07


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