Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Face It
for Sloan Smith

I am in enough trouble as it is
with forbidden tree
with forbidden fruit
but how tasty it is to look

I see so many of the persons
closest to me
in her eyes, on her face,
in her bones and hands
in fleshy parts, in fleshy places

in her dress and shoes,
with 6-inch heels,
in black bracelet that she wears

is it a wig she wears
hair down to the top of her back

upper back bare
her legs, mostly bare also
how her high heels
cause her legs to go

wall of square tiles
she presses palms against
floor of tiles, of larger squares

why though did she decide
to stand just there
where is this where she is

what she's wearing,
attired in, for what outing
as sexy as could be
as pretty as could be

why the decision to be
photographed from behind

what thoughts behind
the picture taken
behind the poem written

behind or before
actions taken from waking up
to going back to bed each day
from being born
to being dead

I've put a wrong word in
added a word I should not have

was this not meant to be
a happy poem, a cheerful song

© Obediah Michael Smith, 2011
2:28 p.m. 07.03.11


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