Saturday, September 24, 2011

Accord of Words

for T.L.A.

I can certainly vacate your landscape
if that is what your wish is
if you wish it, if you're vicious

if you're one of the witches I'm in love with
and must switch with, must switch from

one of the girls I must wave bye to
don't want to but if it is a must that I do
I will, even if the result is that I'd miss you

Miss You, Mr. Me, no longer attached,
as if there were between us, a naval string,
stretching between your belly button
and my belly button

by a poem attached
able to separate if you are or I am
able to pop that, the string, the thing
that a poem is made of

if you can tear tears, go ahead
and pull off, pull out, pull apart
if you want our hearts to break

how unbearable missing you is
how even more unbearable
it would be to loose you,
to lose you: loser you!

© Obediah Michael Smith, 2011
8:14 p.m. 23.09.11


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