Friday, September 23, 2011

From A Distance Up Close
for A.G.M.W.

unspeakable what she means to me
what she has come to mean to me

must keep it secret even from her
how wrapped up I am in her
she in me, even if she is unaware

timid to wake her up to say,
"Look, Année, honey, how tied we are-
how entangled we are when you thought
you were elsewhere- I was elsewhere

doing our own thing:
your own thing, my own thing

won't want her to know-
don't want her to know
the degree to which we are
doing each other

how I love her freedom
being able to watch from outside
to watch from a distance

her in conversation, in an argument
with someone her age, male or female
engaged in what is intellectually lofty
or something lowdown

every now and then I'd stumble upon
some delicious exchange
some delicious chatter

to have or not to have pussy hairs
to shave or not to shave
or her fuckin' cussin’ somebody
some close friend

I do enjoy being wrapped up
as well as observing:

guilty by stander

© Obediah Michael Smith, 2011
1:21 a.m. 23.09.11


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