Saturday, July 30, 2011

Well of Rubies
for A.G.M.W.

let it slip in, slide,
let it slip and slide
let it slip inside

inside where it belongs

long, long way to go
to get to the end of the road

to the end of the passage inside
Passage to India
to in-deep inside her

intercourse after all
knew it would have come to this

tear a page to get inside her
for us to get besides ourselves

let dba be as annoyed as she likes
we had this date like Stella and Stanley
from the outset

drawn to her a long time
had to wait until she graduated
to insert rubies in her opening

within wet lips
knew she always wanted it-
to swallow this- to swallow dick

to have it rub against
the man in her boat
her man-in-the-boat

push him aside to get inside her
squeeze my way into where
I'd fit well- into where I fit well
well to dip in- to dip up water

pussy will spill tears, will spit juices
pussy lips spitty
as my dick head

© Obediah Michael Smith, 2011
9:07 a.m. 30.07.11


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