Sunday, June 19, 2011

Spit & Kisses
for T.L.A.

dirty or clean,
I've kissed my computer screen

your face on it
my lips to press up against yours
flesh against glass

two or three kisses
passionate kisses

our first kiss or first kisses
carried away tonight
this Father's Day

you in Limón with your dad
with your family
with classmates

a joint assignment
some project …

black out
lights out

you do not want to hear, Tat,
the cuss I cuss
how angry I am

BEC unable to keep the lights on
for two seconds

this cotton pickin' little country
as backward as could be
as inefficient as can be

this island, the country's capital
functioning like some out island,
like a remote family island

so much for a poem
about our first kiss
my lips pressed up against glass
your picture upon it

I must attach the picture
which inspired these kisses

I cannot say why
kissable lips
a look in your eyes

and having to live through today
as well as the last few days
with hardly a word from you

more than I can take
more than I can bear

do you know that song, Tat,

if you can't be
with the one you love
then love the one you're with

was it you I kissed
or was it just glass

your ass to kiss instead
wish it were as near

as available as this computer

I am forever before
this computer at which I worship

at least until black out
at least until the lights go out

I cuss bad bad just now
I am happy you were not here
to hear me

my mouth filling up with expletives
I had to spit out - over and over again

until release
until relief

© Obediah Michael Smith, 2011
9:53 p.m. 19.06.11


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