Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Too Big Eyes
for D.B.A.

is your pussy clean, as dirty as you are

as dirty as you are, how delicious you look

what contrasting ideas
you in your corduroy, blue cap, white T-shirt
and your aqua-blue tights

who snapped this shot
other pictures of you in this outfit
unaware you looked like this
in what you wore to work, to turn heads
to cause hearts, like hooves, to quicken

someone snapped this shot of you
to keep you turned this way

who has taste for woman, for beauty
unable to help but drool

with the men about you in person
for hours, mixing cement, bending over
bending down, sitting down, getting up
I envy them the delight it must have been

your big thighs and where they meet
to make eyes big, too big eyes stare
a pair here, a pair there

how many pairs of eyes upon you
in pretty, dirty tights and T-shirt

construction worker's old brown leather gloves
pants an inch or two below your knees
old shoes on, lower legs bare and dirty too

my God, my girl, how sweet you look
is this Guatemala where you were
laboring, working on a construction site
corn field behind you

my God,
what legs you have, what an anatomy
a common laborer or pretending to be

but what a field of fruit,
clothes and dirt unable to hide
melon to slice open, mouth and tongue
to bury in it, to bite into it

even in this outfit, I could bite you in two
I could eat you

© Obediah Michael Smith, 2011
8:31 a.m. 02.01.11


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