Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Flash of Peace
for T.L.A.

never fails to get her peace out

sign she forms usually
with two fingers of her left hand

quick to draw, to pull and flash
before the camera flashes

peace she pulls
with one hand or the other
like someone with two guns

like days of old
in the USA, when it was a matter of
who was the fastest gun in the West
who got to survive, to remain alive

pulls her peace as if
it were a life and death matter

even if it is overlooked, it's out,
her peace, out, held up

antithetical actually
to the pulling of knife or gun
to the pulling of weapon

it is for peace that she draws
some of them sometimes
hidden or partially hidden

in the long sleeve of sweater
or jacket or some outfit

usually out though
when the camera clicks,
snaps, flashes

© Obediah Michael Smith, 2001
5:38 p.m. 07.06.11


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