Monday, April 18, 2011

Pissed On Pissed Off
for D.B.A. & T.L.C.

mistreats me, misunderstands me
when I'm innocent of everything
but trying to stay alive
but avoiding dying of boredom

want to be as close to a girl
as I can possibly be
my dick head, so much like
her vaginal lining

made to slide, to glide up in
and out of this passage
without abrasion

this I suppose I do desire
my smooth dick head
with its pink skin
soft soft soft and hard hard hard
to open her anus

ease it in her, open her up
in spite of the fact that she
would not let me near her

I'm unable to touch her
she would not let me

fear of how far I might go
fear she'd let me,
fear she’d want it, want me

so she must go to extremes
punish herself, punish me

refusal, rejection, too extreme
because I am able,
to drink her pee

too close to her, to achievement
to be allowed
to drink
through one straw
eat with one fork

she is afraid of how
intellectually intimate we are
of how integrated we are
in the poems I've written
in my poems of her
in this one I am writing
the last word of

just let her go back into the sea
like the inedible fish that she is

pulling in all of this time
what should never have been
on the end of my line

fish I can't boil or stew or fry
what's poison
on the end of my line

fish what can't fry, what can't fly
flying fish on my line
and I could fly away from her

dragging me down

bringing me down

clown fish, no fun, not funny
with it on my line,
I cry all the time

fuck her, I could fuck her
ease this erection
I've had for her for ages

sheath for my sword
to shove it in, in which it fits
made for it

drawn like it has been
all these years
without putting it down
without putting it away

in rain, in sunlight
moon and stars
reflecting off it
hitting it,
bouncing off

drawn, extended
in weather changing
affecting it,
year in, year out
in for a change, for a time

she can swallow me up
swallow me down
contain from tip
to its grip in my fist

female for male
woman for man
woman she is
man that I am

pissed off with whom
she should be
able to withstand

whatever the depth
of desire or ire

crossing swords
like a couple of men
I am man, she my woman
made for piece, for peace
for love, for loving

you need to be screwed
into place in my life
like a light bulb

like pieces of wood
a screw passing through

merciless with me
merciless with you

strange that love
should inspire
not caring if you hurt
or if I did

pain in love and life
what a place it has

unable to get over it
around it, under it
unable to pass it by
must pass through it

my dick, your pussy
no longer a kitty
with twine in a ball

cannon ball
for you to play with
to pay with

war to end and to start
where your legs part

what have I but dick
to insert, to insist you take
into your fiercely beating heart

after this
we'll never part
dick to part you with

path to trod, Holy Week,
cross to carry, tomb to visit
Easter coming

© Obediah Michael Smith, 2011
Written between 1:45 p.m.
and 3:21 p.m. on Monday,
April 18, 2011


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