Monday, August 20, 2007

On An Old Rugged Cross
for J.S.

about you, about me
make art, enter time and timelessness

love sins to look back on
already aged a thousand years
ancient as ruins

some of this to sip and to sup on,
some of this for supper

long gone, long ago
without need to worry, to be troubled now

was fuck a word for what we did
for what we shared
age was old, time was new
we met bare and dared to strip
suck, fuck and all was well

and all was not, what though,
can time not pass over, outdo, outgrow
what does time not know
its memory full, and each minute
more to record, recall

pages for us to hide between
sheets of paper, sheets of cloth
print upon them later

place for me to rocket off in you,
hard fuck, rough as waves, as graves

but nothing dies without erupting
larva and ash and us
dust to dust and us again

what might we have been
in another life, two owls maybe
rats to kill, night after night
a rat to share, to tear to pieces

in this life sedate, polite
good morning and good after noon
hugs and kisses upon the cheeks
hands to shake when we meet

I want to take your panties off
push my cock up in your pussy

man with a Bible, came by yesterday,
brother of mine, he left shouting, angry
said I need Jesus

who and what do you think I need
what have you to give me, to please

should I close the window, a chill in the air
if you sneeze, you might wake the children

© Obediah Michael Smith, 2007
1:35 a.m. 20/08/07


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