Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fish Scales to Weigh Her In
for Arianne Etuk

words to capture
what words cannot

shiver to think of her
the pleasure too great

I know no lady more lovely
what a reward

to be able to call her friend
to fill her senses with who
with what I am

my essence, my being
inside her brain, her eyes
I for her to recognize

imagine her being glad to see me
how rich I am

able to enter her
like air enters, fills lungs

I take a deep breath when I see her

refreshed as when
one happens by the sea
and wants ones fill of sea air

bouquet of it, its cleansing odor
cleansing to me too
when I happen to see her

how she is, how she moves
unbelievably beautiful,
remarkable woman

Nigerian dad, Bahamian mom
flavor of a citizen, essence rare

here or on planet earth any where
so unusual

I see her and I marvel
she seems to know me
whom does she know
what does she know

as familiar as only a few people are

who is she, what is it
that she triggers off

I'd be too crazy about her
did I not hold back
did I not exercise control

in God's name what gift this is
her to befriend

what in addition to words
can I give this unusual woman

what she reveals, exposes,
exposes me also

allows to be on show
allows access to what
is usually enclosed in a shell
or within high walls inside a castle
with mote

tender loving life
how I'll envy who she marries

how I wish I were able
to have been born again
to be suitable for such a one
for such a woman

what her beauty triggers off
what her loveliness inspires

I see her and words tumble down
like rain or snow upon the ground
upon their knees to worship
and adore her

how is it
our wanting who we have already
are we not already divinely connected
is it like fish you're tied to

out to sea, rise into the air
too beautiful for words

sunlight upon it
want it, instead of out there
want it on the deck of your craft

to marvel at, up close
and to weigh if you want to

© Obediah Michael Smith, 2010


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