Friday, February 26, 2010

In My Craft My Art
for D.B.A.

these artists and their models
and their contact and I envy
and I envious

or I should be or should I be glad
for safety, for distance, for pictures

should I envy risking
falling into the pit of it

pitch into the pit, tar in the pit
fire in the hole

I have a stick of dynamite
to stick in and explode

not the kind to send rocks flying
pieces everywhere

just a piece here and there
now and then, so that she can
that we can, afterwards
sleep peacefully
sleep in peace

wife to be
does not like me writing these
though words assemble themselves
upon paper

am I an innocent bystander
or am I to blame
for the scheme of love
for the flame of love

aglow in the night
aglow in my life

wherever did she come from
into my words

my words not the same
since I saw her

should I have closed my eyes
not look, turned my head away

instead I stayed for sirens
who lure you to dismantle you
body and soul
along with your dinghy boat

© Obediah Michael smith, 2010
6:43 a.m. 24.02.10


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