Sunday, February 21, 2010

Two Telephones
for D.B.A.

affects me for weeks
like no one on earth
like no one ever met

like no one I’d meet
unless it is her again

around the bend running
run into my shadow
coming towards me
coming to meet me

no sweet chariot this evening
this week

what's sweet to feast on
nothing like water melon

drop it, burst it,
pick up one hunk or another hunk

my Lord is writing
my Lord is writing
my Lord is writing all the time

on the radio, round midnight

reminder, reassurance
that the boss is on board

boat won't capsize
storm won’t sweep away
love and life, her and me

what on earth says we cannot
laugh up a storm
laugh up a breeze

relate like twins relate
who, jealous of us
will intervene when

will say
two hearts cannot bounce
like two skipping, happy
like bettyandisbel

unbelievable that we relate
like we do, take risks
say words we say

what can we not say
do we dare say
on a day like today

language wants to laugh
and I let it

two pens for sword play
to sword fight

two friends
like some rock formation
ice formation

ice tea or ice cream sundae
treat to pass time
to put hours in, weeks in

they'd waste otherwise
all over the place

like when in May
snow melts, slow melts
slowly melts
and runs and drains

© Obediah Michael Smith, 2010
10:08 p.m. 21.02.10


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