Thursday, September 16, 2010

Drink My Piss
for D.B.A.

take another stab at this
try again to capture- to express this thought

said it time and again without saying it
without conveying it

you push me away from you
you'd push me away from you

were I to turn away from you
where to- who to turn to

what I mean is that what I get from you
is all I get, is what I live with, what I have to

this is what dedicated means
I cry therefore when you are my all and all
when you are sufficient
when you are enough
when I notice or sense you declaring
that you are all I need
or that you can be

that confidence,
knowing that you are that much
that you can satisfy,
that you are sufficient and then some

even with you holding back
even with you mostly depriving me
of all you are- all you can be

but you seem to know that
you are woman enough
for the man that I am
and can respond if you chose
and without needing backup,
assistance or to reach back
or to reach for anything outside
of what is inside you

I have it all Obediah
when you'd get it
when I'd give it is the only issue
but you need not starve or thirst
in my life or with me in your life

I am not a girl and you need a woman
I am the woman
every bit a woman
all women rolled into one
when I'm on fire or when I am a snow ball
rolling down a hill or mountainside
gathering stream

I must confess, some one has warned me
beware when she turns upon you
to love you and to be loved

you had better prepare yourself
I hope you can take it
when she desires to satisfy you
and to be satisfied fully

you will need all the dick
you can unleash or unsheathe
you will need a stout heart

must admit
how we are connected even now
the affirmation accorded me
even now and I have difficulty breathing

my thought at times was
I'd think sometimes that

I fall in love with that girl
I'll need a woman on the side or in addition

Obediah what the fuck
you crazy or what
IB is one thing

what I can do to and for a man is another
what is your cup to fill with piss
our with whatever until it overflowed

God I still want to get her legs up
my lips horizontal, in contact with
and attempt to cover her vertical vulva lips

I want to lick her pussy, hear her purr
like a kitten, groan like a grown woman
like a woman in pain

with more sweetness
than she knew what to do with

sense how affectionate she is capable of being
does she still think though that our affair
is unnatural

my being 10 years older than Brenda
her being 10 years younger than Mia

is she still getting used to this idea
hope she does not wait until after I die
until I crop out to decide to accept us
our affair fully

hope she realizes
that what she deprives me of
or is incapable of
I have to live without

what she withholds from me
I have to thirst and hunger for
until she turns,
changes, decides to feed me

I'd eat only her, I'd eat no where else
unless we separated
unless we went our separate ways

© Obediah Michael Smith, 2010
8:27 p.m. 15.09.10


Anonymous d.a. said...

in that case, without sustenance you should starve, you will starve.

I delight in how this poem gives me speech you are certainly pushing the envelope with this one. Just when I thought poetry could get no riskier, you go postal. I do love this though.

Thursday, September 16, 2010 8:46:00 PM  
Blogger aromaproductions said...

Hearts at War

I think you were really "pissed" when you wrote this one. You need to put a lock around your heart, protect it from being wounded or maybe protect others from your wounding when wounded.

Remember how the knights used to put a chastitiy belt on their women when they were going to holy war.

althea romeo-mark

Friday, September 17, 2010 8:17:00 PM  

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