Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Egg White Egg Yolk
for D.B.A.

seductive side she would turn
to the camera, to the viewer

this view or these views of her
to make my heart beat faster
to make my heart gallop

out of control
though I'd try to maintain rhythm

what is it, why is it
that I get so carried away by her
so very soon after I'd have been
so very impatient with her

what is it that restores
the love I felt, the adoration
the desire

when exactly
was it awaken, ignited
when exactly did I know
it was alright
to have- to entertain- to let run
and let grow, such a creature

a whole chicken farm of cocks
she has raised since I met her
without once having ever
seen her pussy bare
or touched her there

or entered her where
thighs come together
thighs come apart

without once ever having
come inside her
unable to overcome
I've come over her
over a dozen times
over a dozen
broken eggs

© Obediah Michael Smith, 2010
12:46 p.m. 03.11.10


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