Sunday, October 31, 2010

Rain of Tears
for D.B.A.

we have both been building this
been building it

you know I lie when I'm hurt
when I'm angry

you know at times like those
like these,
I exaggerate
to extreme degrees

what we have
we have built together
labored on it

ups and downs for going on 14 months
but especially in these last 7

we have labored hard and long
we have been mutually committed
or somewhat or almost

wealth of my life, your life
this thing without name we own

what never before
and no where else
in this world existed

cannot just like that
let it slip into the sea
or back into oblivion

we have to take hold,
keep hold of what is
gold and rubies
diamonds and pearls

or do you think
that we're worth nothing
that we built nothing
have nothing
hold nothing

all your time and love and patience
have they added up to diddly-squat
to spit, to snot
to shit to flush

is love not sweeter than perfume
will you let the bottle that it's in
drop and break

what of all the bottles, vials
in which my tears
which in this relationship
have fallen like rain
are collected

© Obediah Michael Smith, 2010
1:07 a.m. 31.10.10


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