Friday, October 22, 2010

for D.B.A.

your mother sits down like that
no matter who pulls up, with her leg up
with her tights on

eyes upon her, unable to embarrass her
to embarrass who has her leg up to relax,
to air, for breeze

what does she care about who isn't pleased
with her posture, with her ladyship

sippers of Champagne, too polite
for her unzipped ways, unzipped days

upon the bench in front of the house
with a leg up and you want to interrupt
expect her to adjust because you pull up

because you're embarrassed, she should be
hell no

she came outside to relax, what does she care
if you are unable to relax like that
or if you find her awkward or odd
sitting on the bench with a leg up
with legs apart, in cut off tights
in the middle of the afternoon

not until a customer or two happens along
and she has to serve, will she take her leg down
put her two feet together on the ground
get up, go inside

not because you were watching her
sitting with one leg up, with legs apart

© Obediah Michael Smith, 2010
9:48 p.m. 21.10.10


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