Friday, October 08, 2010

In the Shadow of the Cross
for Mia Gloria Smith
on her birthday

you make the cross look light
like fun to carry,
to contend with

carrying cross
dancing and sweating
pretty and playful

two fists of, I love you

for who could read
for deaf mutes or for who is bilingual

she hot lookin'
in what looks like
a man's undershirt
it fits her like the sweat upon her
salty, sweet

what a girl on the dance floor
full of mischief

my heart full a her
her heart full a me

her dog and me, she says
love her unconditionally

love she feels most deeply
sustained by us

we're sustained by her

by her daring

how all out she is

how all out she goes

not like stars going out
instead like stars being born
coming on
when the sun goes down

© Obediah Michael Smith, 2010

12:45 p.m. 08.10.10


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