Monday, September 27, 2010

Slices of Warm Bread
for D.B.A.

you and your dolls and pins and pain
your pain and dolls and pins

associating what does not touch
what is not joined

what evil have I done, masturbated
nothing at all evil about that

what I do not like having done
after hours spent with you, evoking,
recalling some woman I used to love

she made me come
and that was pain and not faithful
and it caused pain in a variety of ways
including physically

nothing evil about it all, just weak
here and there and now and then
and wrestling with it, with all of it

with you especially, with love, with now
with you now able to move me
on so many levels, in so many ways

yesterday though, worst than ever
how pure that was

after all the fruit from the night before
and yesterday before I got into
or onto my bed upon the floor

grapes, plums, strawberries, Bartlett pears
and then peanut butter
smeared on thick slices of warm bread
on top of it all, ginger mint tea

images of you and what I'd consumed
combination of these
and what an erection and how long it lasted
like sexual intercourse actually

I recalling images, words, lines
from your poems, most erotic words
most erotic ones
I on my back and you straddling me
dick up in you, you up and down upon it
I pushing, Dee, Dee, D'Anthra

unable to take it
all the overflow, flowing down
and you not around
and you, only God knows where
but from there, sending inspiration

not to my pen in hand
that is arriving only now
inspiring a stiff cock, I never touched it
it was instead
a shaft in the air

was it a flag pole,
you missing from it,
unpatriotic, I singing our anthem,
alone or was I

you had to be in bed with me
there with me, as near to me

able to touch me as you imagine
I am able to touch you or imagine
people can be touched through dolls
pins and needles
pushed through- pushed into them

did you feel my dick today- way up in you
I shoved it where it had not ever been
was it good

turned to Brandy, an old affair
that was another phase

though it ended in orgasm
it was not near as thrilling
as the time we spent
as the time we shared

© Obediah Michael Smith, 2010
2:07 a.m. 27.09.10


Anonymous d.a said...

although it's full of stiffness it moves quite wonderfully.

Monday, September 27, 2010 11:41:00 AM  

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