Monday, August 20, 2007

Dirt In My Heart for Seeds
for J.S.

Bodas de sangre, blood wedding

was she a virgin, girl I married
bloody sheet, fling from the balcony
to crowd awaiting custom

awaited custard apple for ages
used to get them from Miss Allen
one so big, you needed two hands

she asked me for papaya recently
hanging heavy upon my tree

before they could ripen sufficiently
some one came along
harvested what I planted

she had none and I had none

we used to have guineps and dillies
to feast on, when I was growing up
when I was young

dilly tree here still, five decades later

guinep tree cut down
neighbour say it was in the way
wanted to put up a wall

people who used to live there,
their grandson, all grown up now

divorced his wife, has two sons,
drives and fixes pickup trucks, fells trees

want someone to fall in love with
as thunderously as trees he fells fall

I am forever falling in love
but a tree falling in the forest
with no body there to hear it,
we are all still wondering, did it fall

can I get a witness

© Obediah Michael Smith, 2007
3:05 a.m. 20/08/07


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