Saturday, August 04, 2007

Instead of Peace In Pieces
for Hubert Ingraham & Paul Faquerson

disappointed that heartbeat,
flatulence, burping, are not as loud as
as disturbing as, lightning crashing
as the rumble, as the roll of thunder

as if to amplify noises
they are capable of,
fearing they fail to register naturally,
normally, when silent,

with new-found, economic power,
they purchase motor-bicycles,
remove their mufflers,

purchase vehicles, fill them with speakers
loud enough to shake,
to shatter, to rattle, to rupture

while who's in authority,
in their do-nothing seats,
do nothing to protect the rest of us
from who's mad and should be locked away
but are instead terrorizing peace-keepers,
law-abiding us

our police and our government
as quiet and as impotent
as if buried already
in Woodlawn or Old Trail

© Obediah Michael Smith, 2007
10:13 p.m. 04/08/07


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