Monday, March 22, 2010

Songs they Amplify and Ruin

no end to the shit
with which you're showered
in this neighbourhood

is this my neighbourhood
its nastiness, this nastiness

am I part of it, do I belong to it
to this, to these people, these habits
these litter bugs

which is one level
the criminals, deliberately dropping filth
what they've emptied of food, of drink

their bottles, cans, boxes, bags,
paper wraps, plastic wraps, cups
Styrofoam containers, at times empty,
at times with what they want no more of

thrown away along the street, beside the road
these things end also over my fence, in my yard
where recently, I have seen some come
to relieve themselves

we did not know that anyone was living here
here where their poet laureate lives
house in which he writes the beautiful
most meaningful songs

house full of so much culture, so many books
and so much art

they must be super super insensitive
not to sense that I am here
that such as what happens here is going on

but there is no inclination towards reverence
in this culture any more
or what is revered, next to useless
to improve them and transform them ultimately

how harsh the air here, the atmosphere
and so much fear

who are most afraid among us
those who are without the courage
to keep the peace, to go in peace, to walk in peace
to live in peace

those who do not know poetry
from the songs they amplify and ruin

from air they fill with smoke
from fires they illegally burn

or children they fill schools with
fill inner city neighbours

when they let out, when they pass by
must listen out, must fear

no telling what they might throw
what they might do

a little older, a few years older
up on motor bikes on one back wheel
high as kites

soon after accidentally dead
or violently murdered

see their parents then, their families then
see who is attached to them

complaining, crying
as if these persons were ever human beings

© Obediah Michael Smith, 2010
11:32 a.m. 17.03.10


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