Saturday, July 03, 2010

Baby’s Breath & Roses
for D.B.A.

in case the possibility of kissing arises

Jesus, how we kiss at present
how we at present kiss
and from however far away
and from however far apart
we get to connect
thanks especially to the internet

in person though
especially when we are
in my house, alone
she folds in, folds up
and why she does
she is unable to explain

bolder when we meet out
when others are about
she'd tease me then
she'd please me more
we'd frolic then

clean mouth for whatever arises
necessary to be/pays to be attractive

in relationship, upkeep is key
for her as well as for me

is she inspired too
to do the best
that she can do
to be the best
that she can be

Lord, I love how she inspires me
how, because of her, I've chosen life
to live and not to die

though death comes and knocks
I'm in love so I tell death, later
or get lost

I have my love
to look good
and to smell
sweet for

© Obediah Michael Smith, 2010
1:44 p.m. 02.07.10


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