Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ginny Corn Grits
for D.B.A.

contact with her is intercourse
does it happen with her
what happens with me

conversation is after all
discourse as well as intercourse

I'd be unaware we were having
unaware of being affected
of being so very touched
so very deeply

after conversation
we on the telephone
I'd happen into the bath room to pee
whip out my penis to find

I'd been salivating copiously
and for an instant not recall why
not recall having been aroused
being engaged in any way
or with anyone sexually

and realize that it was she
that it is she
who has this effect on me
arousing me deeply
arousing me indirectly

without erotic talk even
that there'd be so much
is always also a mystery

this production of these fluids
without effort
natural, precious, rich

woman for me, woman of mine
like middle C and middle C
how she and I are calibrated
toning fork and piano

see why I go out of tune
when I do not hear from her
when we are not connected
for a minute or two

playing her
she plays me/is playing me
my organ in her hands
her fingers go over me
and what music I make

her pussy wet also
too evasive to admit it
too coy yet to confess it
if, after conversation, discourse,
this sort of intercourse

her pussy lips are spitty
as the head of my penis
when I skin the skin back

always picturing me wet

she responded once

apart from which
she has not said
she would not say

I'd know soon enough
if she is wet or not
and how much she salivates

confess or not
I make her hot
I make her wet
make her pussy drip molasses

or mango juice
or bee honey
or rain drops

what emotions and tears drop
what emotions and there wet
and we're wet

© Obediah Michael Smith, 2010
12:01 p.m. 09.06.10


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