Friday, June 25, 2010

Red World Real World
for Sally Crabtree

did you see my mom and dad enclose
the community in which we lived
in prayer though it was too weak a net
to carry home tomatoes

Sally, I listened to your CD
and slept and woke up and wrote this

what another world your work evokes
it is a world for children
it is a world for the child in me, in you

world to get in, out of
this one world to get on
go for a ride, for a whirl

Sally what a girl you are
you make a man
want to be a young boy again

wonderful of you to take us back
to before we heard the news
to before the news was heard

before the news was made
you know the news is about
war, wars, about who fought
who killed, who died

you sing songs of falling stars
of falling flakes, of colorful things

not like Pilot's hands or the water
he washed them in, all bloody red

Obediah Michael smith, 2010
1:51 p.m. 18.06.10


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