Friday, November 05, 2010

More or Less
for D.B.A.

don't know how she feels about me
won't know until we connect again
when will that be, where will that be

I have no knowledge of how she's doing
she has no knowledge of my tummy ache
that my stomach's upset
that I chewed cerasee and went back to sleep

took an Advil
second one of a pack of two
purchased for her when she was unwell
two weeks ago

we are not living together at present
like we used to
not attached as we were
as we used to be

Dawn asked yesterday
how are we doing

unable to give a straight answer
not wanting to suggest we are
or we have separated

not knowing for sure what our status is
I pointed out that Dee is in Grade 13
all wrapped up in IB

wish IB were my arms
though it is not my wish
to envy her studies/who studies

I study without end
and I recommend it highly

always had my doubts about
her ability to combine IB and me

pushed out with no where else to turn
with no one else to love

what though am I in love with
have I been in love with

it was some sort of affair after all
it was certainly more than this
more than what is left

what is less
is what she and I have to live with
like something a lot of water
has been added to

once we were
like mutton from Long Island
in okra soup

© Obediah Michael Smith, 2010
3:44 p.m. 04.11.10


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