Tuesday, October 04, 2011

After 38 Years
for Priscilla Rollins

Independence morning
is like giving birth, like cutting teeth
like finding feet
no longer will we have to creep

we can walk, we will run, we will fly soon
we might even have to cry soon
but we will shake and drink
the joy with the pain

grown up now, flag of our own
being hoisted now, we're a nation now

add ours- add us
to the other 189 nations of the world
we have a voice now, a say now
a place in this world now

Independence morning,
is like giving birth, like cutting teeth
what a variety of foods we can eat

sitting at the table
with the biggest and the oldest
with the richest and the poorest
nations of the world

make this planet a better planet
make this world a better world

Independence morning
dawn of a day
history nor anyone has ever seen

we can send athletes to Olympics
we can send rockets to the moon

Independence morning
some assume it is arriving late
it is late arriving, but it is arriving
not a moment too soon

did not come in May
did not come in June

Independence morning
dawn is on our doorsteps, knocking

is in our bedrooms, shaking us
waking us, urging us to wake up

Independence morning
168,812 Bahamians
all at once being born
are being liberated

citizens of a new nation
citizens of a new world

Independence morning
a new flag, a new whirl

© Obediah Michael Smith, 2011
2:27 p.m. 10.09.11


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