Saturday, January 21, 2012

Another Round of Hearts
for T.L.A.

would you mind
if I fell in love with you again

I was once
that I can confess

was until I was pushed away
until our conflict

until it was clear
that it was not appreciated

my heart, beating,
offered to you whole
like a water melon

meal you had no appetite for
insulted it, insulted me

my precious offer, unappreciated

no, it was not- it was never friendship
I was after, I was cultivating

damn the difference of our ages
it was love I was after –
love I was into

want to be into you like that again
after a time of separation
after our time apart

after an affair I was into
that is very likely over now

I am ready to return home
to Limón, to Costa Rica

to the prettiest girl upon the planet
prettiest girl
on God's green earth

an affair she was having- was into
to guard it, you had to- you chose to
shove me away, shoo me away
like flies - a nuisance, annoying you

what will it be this time around
welcome or farewell or go away
don't bother me

want another round of hearts
thrown back and forth to catch

laughing, chasing about, running
having fun

but we must not let them drop
must not let your heart or my heart
hit the ground, the pavement

must not let them- get them-
let them get bruised up
covered with dirt and sand

must hold them safe in two hands

what ups and downs, already,
we've survived -
our affair has a history

devoted to you once
want to be devoted, similarly,
once again

what will I, this time,
be subjected to
what will I subject you to

close enough again,
to watch each other grow
what will we undergo

need to redefine what motivates
what we share

do not want friendship
want to be captain-
want to run the ship
sail the ship

cabin upon it for you and me
to frolic

alcoholics in the ballroom
well dressed, drunk
and dancing waltz

walls for our laughter
to ring off

verbs to reverberate
to ring out

parts of speech
to take apart

you to disassemble
and to reassemble

© Obediah Michael Smith, 2012
7:16 a.m. 20.01.12


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