Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Too Long
Locked Out
I Want In

for D.B.A.

I cry, my eyes to dry
not allowed to love you or to have you

with nothing else- or as significant
to live for

walled out of a life, out of her holy city, why
why is excluded my reward

why like when I was in Paris
unable to afford cakes, pastries
that made my eyes bulge, my mouth water
and looking was my substitute

my palms, my face,
pressed up against the window
of a pâtisserie

making myself sick for want of her
hardly able to function
because of love of her
and she goes on with life

unable to live with her
without her, unable to get on
with my own life - not inspired to

picture of her, taken very recently
I see what I'm missing
what I'm being deprived of
excluded from

and I return to weeping over her
like I used to do once

© Obediah Michael Smith, 2012
2:24 a.m. 31.07.12


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