Wednesday, April 25, 2012

End Came Today 
[Marjorie Irene McCartney,
22 February 1943 
to 24 April 2012]

I suppose it is good to get it over with
to be over and done with dying

to get on with whatever follows
onto wherever follows

I just knew that death
was going to be picking on-
picking in siblings, as it is we
who are now in our sixties and seventies

only recently you see,
the very last and the youngest
of my father and his siblings expired

was buried while I was away
I was unable to attend her funeral

it was on December 14,
4 months, 10 days ago, when she died

and tonight the news arrived
my sister Marjorie passed away

death in its black dress or black suit
selecting one or another to dance with
to do the dance of death, to dance a two step

a foot in the grave, a foot out
death, while dancing with us,
trips us up; we fall in, unable to climb out

fortunately, spirit rises, hovers over all
witnesses what is assigned to the grave

necessary to live good, to have lived well
in preparation for when our end comes

Marjorie's end came today
suffering is over, trials, tribulations behind her

children and grandchildren to live on in
her legacy to carry on
in them the best work she has done

in siblings too, whom she helped raise
for whom she was a sterling example
reflect her work as well

I know the guide she was for me
the guidance she provided

to help me to walk good
to make good choices
to choose the straight, the narrow

what a pity that she has, today
fallen down,
fallen off the ledge that life was

the risk it is that we all face
perils to escape until we cannot
and we fall in, fall through

true to our maker even then
true to our neighbor

whom all her life she has loved
as she has loved herself

© Obediah Michael Smith, 2012
9:25 p.m. 24.04.12


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