Saturday, January 21, 2012

One Day
Another Night

for M.L.R.

we would pass now
like strangers, she and I

just members of the crowds
boarding or disembarking the trains

entering or leaving one metro station
or another or the other

we have faded again into the crowds

into being strangers again

after our episodes in bed

we were strangers then too

I, like a paying customer
she like a professional

providing a service, expertly
expertly providing a service

I thought it was by love inspired
but I do not know now
what it was inspired by

bye bye to crying eyes
bye bye, black bird

black cock, erect neck

dividing the day and the night
dividing day from night

we were never not strangers
never ever friends

though I thought we were gift,
bestowed without delay
or without much delay,
by heaven

it seems, has taken its gift back
our contact

not connected in bed,
in intimacy, not connected
holding hands as we used to,

going about Mexico City,
kissing the way lovers kiss

© Obediah Michael Smith, 2012
7:29 p.m. 20.01.12


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