Friday, August 03, 2012

War & Peace on Kemp Road
for D.B.A.

the madness or near-madness
Dee and I can retreat from in an instant
can abandon to embrace

almost fucked up today,
she and I contributing to the negativity of it

we both cursed, shouted
what did she say to me,
"Why do you always have to be
"a fuckin' ass hole?"

I had a thing or two to tell her in return
a few cuss words of my own

I'd be at times showering her with shit,
baptizing her in it and she'd not abandon relationship,
would not abandon the moment we are in

yanking upon this, upon that to cause pain,
to get a point across

we got the ugly out, got over wanting
to have her way and my way and instead,
went our way

and what a way it was, what we crossed into-
transitioned into together, we like we never were
I wanted more, I always do

I greedy for her - always starved for her
because starved by her these four years
these four years with such limited nearness

having to wait for her to grow ever so gradually
attachments to relinquish, she clinging to them

out in the deep with him is where he wants her
where he wants them to be together

in the deep where they were last evening, in harmony
after they'd been as if roughly thrown together

didn't know they'd make it pass that impasse
and didn't care -
prepared his stoic side, his stoic self to suffer -
for suffering - to do without her

without seeing her - without her ever coming near,
paying him the visit he'd anticipated

prepared himself to do without the gift
she promised to bring and had now brought
prepared to abort it all,
slammed the door, turned his back

but she came up and cussed and fussed
and he responded, harsh for harsh, rough for rough
but that was over soon enough
sooner than he or she could have imagined

miraculous shift into cooperation
though, that, he recalled, she is famous for

for a more adorable time together, who could ask

hugging, she giggling,
outpouring his affection upon her,
guarding against overwhelming or offending
her love for careful hands, for easy-does-it

embraced her anyway
like someone who was heaven sent
who was in heaven made

there was lipstick on his shirt when she left
but he could not have been happier

it seemed she too was in bliss when she took off
to return to work in her sister's SUV

what she left behind, so much of herself,
so much of her heart and soul

so much in addition to her red lipstick
left upon his shirt
when she was giggling in his arms

© Obediah Michael Smith, 2012
12:42 a.m. 03.08.12


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