Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Edge We'd Fall Off
for D.B.A.

without Dee in the world to bounce things off
what a loss, what a place, what a no place

off of what to bounce thoughts
or a heart wanting her heart to bounce up against

what a note or what notes she located me with
located me to play

her and me, able to make a happy composition
or a stormy one

knows well how to play the notes of peace

Jesus, lost, alone, without a word
from her all day, wondering about
the other half of me

what was left of me, skin I occupy
cold and uninteresting

got through, did this and that
but oh how I wasn't

pretended to be a person for all I encountered
more like a zombie,
went undetected, fortunately

attached to her is life, is purpose
oh what colors fill me

I was grey all day, worse than blue
I was bland all day

11:06 p.m.
I was at a wedding reception, she said
I went at 7

"a.m.?" I asked. "p.m.," she corrected

whose reception
where were you earlier
why not a single solitary word or wave

I have questions
answers I'd not insist upon
what if answers to these questions,
to my inquiry, to these concerns
evoked jealousy, anger, shouting,
severe upset

when she is soft, yawning in my ear
like I love her to be
is gift and joy and comfort to me

don't want her reticence though
to be cover up, tantamount to dishonesty
to her making a fool of me

Balzac's Cousin Bette often times
at times like these, comes to mind
read the novel decades ago
own the film now, need it at my finger tips

to be able to shove it in
need Dee near enough to be able
to shove dick tongue or any finger
into her ass or vagina

© Obediah Michael Smith, 2010
12:01 a.m. 14.11.10


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