Friday, November 19, 2010

Each Other to Catch or Drop
for D.B.A.

she would throw me anything
anyhow, anyway

if I catch it, I catch it,
if I don't, I don't

she to catch and I to catch like flu
or worse than flu

that is how it has been
between her and me

fucking her without a condom
wondering why, all this time,
she is not pregnant yet

but all along, all the time,
she is wearing one or wearing gloves
so that when we touch
she won't catch me

thought she'd have been
dying for me by now
like I'd be dying for her

but she always has her condom in
her gloves on

when I think we're close
or thought we were, we are-
we were in separate rooms

detached, she'd throw me
anything, anytime, anyhow, any way
to catch or not catch, get or not get
take it or leave it, way the saying goes

used to bend myself
however out of shape
to catch wherever she threw to me
or hurled at me, however

but I've decided
to let what break break
I've had enough

enough to take or leave
faced with take it or leave it
and I am this morning
unable to decide what way to turn

she is colder than I am
or pretends to be

might just leave it to her to decide
if this relationship lives or dies

© Obediah Michael Smith, 2010
6:14 a.m. 19.11.10


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