Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Beneby Alley Girl
for D.B.A.

outfits fit her body
like fingers in gloves

steps she makes, she takes
and I go with her, carried away
a willing hostage

tie me up in limbs, in arms and legs
squeeze however tight
choke the day light out of me
I wouldn't mind, I wouldn't care

when she appears, I run to the bars
across my front door to look out

girl on earth who moves me most
or rather, one of the women in my blood
stirring the life in me at present

how wonderful God is
to provide muses for an artist
amusement for an artist

such a woman along with air
to keep me alive

pigeons upon the air, upon flapping wings
things upon which we rely to keep us up

girl I love, another note, nail in my heart
always between us, uncertainty of response
will it be sweet or devastating

her ability to show up though
to come up my stairs, unexpected
a wonderful deed in deed
a daring deed in deed

she keeps me, sends me to hell
wages for loving, for being in love

her wish, she said yesterday
is that we were friends
so much I've given her
I'd have to take back
to make that adjustment

© Obediah Michael Smith, 2011
4:55p.m. 19.01.11


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