Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mixing Bowl
for Nancy
[Dr. Sakis dancer –
this poem inspired
by her dancing in “My Love”]

I am madly in love
with these two women
I want to marry them both

what extreme joy
to watch them dance
what divine dancing

two divine women

could I have
the younger of these two women
I've discovered that her name is Nancy

my wish is to propose to her
I'd marry her readily

she can certainly get me to return
to West Africa from The Bahamas
though our claim is that it is better here

immeasurable joy
of seeing these two women
here on YouTube, Nancy especially,

has begun to be replaced
by an unhappy sickness
to see her actually, to interact

even if it involves
having to improve vastly
my ability with
and knowledge of French

I am hopelessly in love
with angelic Nancy

they are both precious
beyond words

Nancy in my soup again, Nancy for supper
greedy for her, weak for her, want her,
unable to bear what she gives me to enjoy

whip it up
she whips it up to share with me
to give me some

when it comes to Nancy
I want all

Nancy most wonderful
what she does to get the juice out

orange juice, apple juice, cherry juice
with these she makes a drink for me

blend, mix, make juice when we meet
one juice, hers and mine, her and me

bowl of cherries
to eat with my fingers, to put in my mouth
bowl of cherries to eat until empty
until Nancy cries out, cries ouch

Nancy in another world
instead of here with me

in another time
instead of spending time with me

so glad she exists though
hope so hard to have her
to know her, to love her

uncover the soup pot
let's eat

Nancy so sweet
nothing, no one in the world
better to eat

what batter better, butter her for me
bet on her for me

she rattles, she rattles me
when her engine revs up
when she shakes her thing
when her things shake

we shake milk shake

who wants food dr. Sakis was playing over
I'll take the dish that is as yet untouched

mixing bowl

what could I not mix up in Nancy
with her assisting me

extremely frustrated
for want of her

unable to be satisfied
by YouTube, want her actually

to be able to walk around her
have her walk around me

want my arms about her
her limbs about me
in love wrapped

crazy about her and she unaware
unable to affect her as she affects me

unable to say to her, I'm in love

I want to marry Nancy
I wish you a Merry Christmas

turn this back
a hundred thousand times
I am unable to get
any nearer Nancy

© Obediah Michael Smith, 2009


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