Sunday, August 05, 2012

The Color of Air
for D.B.A.

my Jesus, my Lord, Dee,
how ticklish was your laughter
you up against me, acting silly
you in my arms, you and me, happy

aren't we happy when we touch
when we're together- when we hold each other

the woman and the girl in you
struggle as fiercely as you and I do
are as much in harmony as you and I are

God in heaven be praised,
angels rejoice when we are together
in harmony and happy

have I written more than
a thousand poems of you yet-
not that I am trying to

I write poems of you
I write poems to you
because, like air I breathe,
my poems of you keep me
alive and well and kicking

how many times, I wonder
since you and I met, have we inhaled-
have we exhaled air

even though when it comes down to love
when it comes down to our making love
that is a matter of waiting to EXHALE

© Obediah Michael Smith, 2012
9:48 p.m. 02.08.12


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