Friday, September 14, 2012

Salt Sea Salty Tears
for D'Anthra B. Addreley

I have raged against her
and she has withstood it
like a ball in a game, played against a wall
like waves against a ship out in the ocean

symbolic of my thrusting against her
of my thrusting and thrusting within her

she indicates that she can well withstand
such delicious rivalry

how well we have, most of the time,
enjoyed our combats

withdrawn, separated though,
difficult as the devil to withstand

how the suffering of separation
penetrates, devastates

house that is my life
or in which I am living
without loving and being loved
to keep it standing, I fear-
I feel might just fall down- collapse
without her, having so much less purpose

how charged life used to be
in love and undergoing exchange

how changed, without her to bounce off of
to splash up against,
to splatter with waves, with salt sea

how bland life is without interaction
without her to shape it
without me shaking hers
without her shaking mine, shaking me

I am dying down like flames
lying down without her beside me

better by far to be naked on top of her
or to have her naked on top of me

wet with tears, with semen
with juices from her body

prefer when we are-
preferred when we were
messy together

used to be cleaner then, so much more pure
than my being- than my living poor and alone

without her voice, her laughter her burping
in my ear

© Obediah Michael Smith, 2012
2:30 a.m. 14.09.12


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