Tuesday, August 31, 2010

In that Open Field
for D.B.A.

does she turn on possibly
too many men

is it irresponsible possibly
to have all of us,
leaping through the flames

circus tigers, she performing
in hand, her whip, her hoop

growling, snarling at each other
threatening teeth and claws

away from the circus though

whatever way she turns
within the region, in the world
or on the island,
someone else added
following, salivating

some of whom she turns on
afterwards faced
with having to turn off
switch off, unplug, undo

what she has done so well
has done too well

and who and what to give priority to
place at the top of the list
on top of the heap

her hips the whirl they whirl round
the flames around which they go
through which they leap

leaping in heat, through heat, through fire
does she have us all playing with fire

though I know she’s not some flirt
some cheap tart,
know I labor, I’ve labored arduously
for my place in her life,
for my place in her heart

how many of us though
jealous about her, over her
jealous to have her,
to know her as no one else does

is any position in her enterprise
this enterprise
not threatened, guaranteed

to what degree and to what depth
can I invest

so many along with me
like toys, wound up, turned on

on the move across the floor
until love or whatever collapses

who will be standing still,
holding on, heart beating still

when the clowns leave town

© Obediah Michael Smith, 2010
1:03 p.m. 30.08.10


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