Sunday, August 29, 2010

for G.M.

as severe as if cruel, love can be
how it clutches, does not let go
how it wrings us, as if to wrong us
its desire is to make us right

how passionately attached
she and I are after so short a time

attached immediately though
as we met, as if attached long before
from time began and will be attached forevermore

now though is what we have, is where we are
the saturated instance of existence
us two occurring in it

like substances combined
to make one intoxicating something
for who to drink, to taste, to take but her and me

the world might be able to have some later
to feast eyes upon, words we at present share
in years to come

words to share to sustain us, along with air
words which give life, light
words which are candle flames

pen I write with is a candle wick
she keeps alight, she keeps it lit

what a woman, like none I've known
fine and passionate

4 months ago no knowledge at all
that she was present on this planet

© Obediah Michael Smith, 2010
3:03 a.m. 29.08.10


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