Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Hilton Ball Point Pen
for D.B.A.

knew you since you were 17
beginning to be a long time
since I have known you

I've held you together
as well as you've held me
we've held together well

amazing how we hold together
when we are coming apart
when we are being pulled apart
when we are self-destructing
destroying ourselves

bond like that, inexplicable
bond responsible for orbiting of planets
orbiting atoms

like two fireflies, we circle each other
others see, look, fascinated

as close to you today,
as deep in me today as you ever were,
explain this, explain it

why are we seemingly inseparable
how is it that what we are
is like things that are difficult to kill

God, we have had our challenges
thought we were over, were done with
thought we were behind us
but not so, not yet

in spite of unending threats
up against our heaven

I have you today
however far away you are

how gentle we can be with each other
immediately after having fought

I have a hard on for you
twin brother of my black,
Hilton, ball point pen

unable to abandon the planets
our two hearts are

© Obediah Michael Smith, 2010
2:08 p.m. 08.12.10


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