Sunday, December 05, 2010

Paper-made Partitions
for A.W. & D.B.A.

turned to face me in Scotia Bank

you on your line with your mom
I on line with who I was with

what presence and what wonderful,
wide eyes

what was your curiosity about
what was in or on your mind

your looking was a question
wonder if I answered it when I turned

your gaze meeting mine
I astonished, overjoyed

giggle all I could do- all we could do
to bridge the gap, the distance
dividing us across the floor of the bank

remember that
what was that about
do you know or should I

brave soul that you are
as if life, like plays
were made of scenes

scene we were acting in
acting out

somewhere at the heart
of what she and I share
of what she and I are

there is something
not even poetry is able to get at

though I reach, my pen's too short

is she shy about the profundity of it

is it like potato just out the pot,
too hot, she is timid to touch,
timid to pick up

hot is why she'd pick it up
let it drop

how long before I am going
to have to drop life
or have it drop me

what relationships we're in
and find we have to let go
quit quick

how and when
and where exactly
was this relationship born

who planted the seed when
why did it/has it occurred

what made its
coming into being propitious
what favored us

that was some months ago
when we were planted
and began to grow

what forces now against us
or what, precious to you,
you choose to safe guard
from the forces of this relationship

whatever in my life it eclipses
I let it

I was/still am
somewhat prepared
to defend this

what we together are
from whatever arises
against it/against us

you on the other hand
treat us like a hurricane
come or coming

against which you must
button up, batten up
squeeze your thighs shut

© Obediah Michael Smith, 2010
Written between 4:45 p.m.
on Saturday, Dec. 4
and 12:03 a.m.
December 5, 2010


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