Thursday, December 23, 2010

Icy Beauty
for D.B.A., D.B., T.D.,
C.D.J., S.J. & C.S.C.F.

I know you're busy
but when are you going
to take a month
to thank me for loving you
you're over due to

Jesus, when absence shifts
to showing up, how difficult to bear
your nearness, your looking at me
and marveling, like you alone can

fixing your eyes upon me until
it is I who lower my head
or look away

when apart shifts to attached
like when a plug's plugged in,
the string of multicolored Christmas lights
all at once comes on

when are you going to show up
make it Christmas in my life

it always is when you are mine
and in my presence

present I have all my days
prayed to Santa Clause for
looked to St. Nicholas for or to heaven for

uncertain where you came from or when
though I know when you were born
can approximate when you were conceived

recall the evening we'd have met
one when I, looking at you, marveled
when before you were no more
than a rude girl, an impolite somebody

when though did you cross into my life
when did I cease being me alone
or who I was or who I had been, minus you

when was that, and when exactly
was I added to your life
when did we become a sum,
like 1 + 1

is this a one way street affair
all the traffic sent from me to you
from my way your way

few vehicles in comparison
from your way my way

squeeze and sweetness oozes out
when I am squeezed,
when I am please to see someone
I hadn't seen in coon days
as the saying goes, what is squeezed out

envy her sweet smell
envy pleasant smelling
sweet smelling people

how I smell, I am uncertain
with clothes on over night clothes

cologne, gift from a friend I cherish
shows I'm cherished too,
sprayed on, two sprays,
to disguise that I haven't bathe

no time to do more
than to wash my face
too cold to do more
than to wash my face

I squeeze her and I smell sweet
feel sweet, more genteel

recall the class to which I belong
though I stray from it
attached to it like a spider to a thread
by a strand of web

hanging from the ceiling of a room
or a forest, from a ceiling
of limbs and leaves

bring a girl out
for whoever she passes/we pass by
to drink up
with hungry, thirsty eyes

until there is no more of her
until I am walking along alone

as sweet as the candy
melting in her mouth
sweet as the candy she's sucking on
sucking out of existence

got her in my mouth
were I to suck as hard
would she think of me as cruel

cruel to a mint which in moments
will be the taste
remaining on her tongue
remaining in her mouth

what taste to go around with
were she to melt upon my tongue
melt into existence

what flavor, what fragrance
left upon the wind, upon the mind

she is so deliciously little,
I said of her when I saw her

friend with me communicated
what I'd said,
how sweetly appreciative
was her smile

falling apart
even as the earth rounds the sun
rounds itself

falling apart as the river runs
blood flows, hearts beat
flowers grow, petals fall

petals falling off me too
falling apart, growing old
going fast

how fast earth goes
while we imagine
we are standing still

spins us round, spins us up
spins us down

round round round
down down down
until we disappear
not to reappear
until Christ comes
or comes again

attires himself as if gift wrapped
his tie a bow

I am a gift, ripped open long ago

on the cutting eggs
cutting edge, cutting beef
cutting fish, cutting leaves
a mark, makes a mark

we too must leave our mark
carve our names upon trunks
of trees
in forests we pass through

knife to carve a top to spin
knife to eat our breakfast
lunch and dinner with

how could you put a bullet
into a talented person
into a person's talent

bullet through a talent
through a talented person
like a pin through balloon
let air out in an instant

let the talent burst out
talent exploding
talent of so many
talented persons

pulling trigger, taking lives
talented killing, killing talents

so many corner stones
thrown into deepest
cold sea waters

sink out of sight not to be seen
or heard of again

lovely, love me
I see beauty
icy beauty
lovely, love me

© Obediah Michael Smith, 2010
Written between 1:30 p. m.
& 10:49 p.m., on Wednesday,
December 15, 2010


Anonymous d.a. said...

These new muses along with the old one have certainly added a spark to your fire. This poem is some masterpiece, from beginning to end it is without a flaw. What do you have to say about icy love or is that a contradiction? How ornamental this poem is , filled with colors, scents, tones and temperatures. How empty my tree would be without gifts like these obi thank you.

Thursday, December 23, 2010 12:20:00 PM  
Blogger creswell said...

C.S.C.F says this is so cool i have of mines for you to read

Saturday, December 25, 2010 10:42:00 PM  

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