Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Vat 19
for D.B.A.

fall in love and you're fucked
indifferent you are better off

oh I do not like being like a victim
being her victim, at her mercy
at love's mercy

sick, weak, submissive
because in love, vulnerable,
exposed because of it

abused because of it
helpless and she isn't

picks you up when she wishes
drops you
when you are unwanted

kicks you off like smelly shoes
leaves you here or there
or in some corner
or she kicks you

kicked and never kissed
in this relationship

no more to expect
what more to expect
some might say, fool
you've fallen in love
with a woman 17

like a fool into a pool
of Vat 19, fallen and intoxicated
in public, drunk and falling down

does she rescue me
does she pick me up
safeguard dignity

instead she exposes me deliberately
demonstrates to me and publicly
that she is not in this with me

appreciative of a small fraction
of this love for her
of this love of mine

most of what's precious
priceless as an ounce
of an extraordinarily expensive perfume
and what does she do with it
does she care for it

crude and cruel and without taste
for finest things

over-the-hill taste,
over-the-hill woman
arguing over who eat her pork chop
where she's comfortable at
what she's comfortable with

give her silk to sit on, silk to shit on

wipe herself front and back
with poems I write of her
with what I write them on
after using the toilet

© Obediah Michael Smith, 2011
12:10 a.m. 05.01.11


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