Monday, April 05, 2010

Autochthonous Children
for D.B.A.

must not add a feather in or to or on
which does not fit - is not fit - is unfit
or does not belong

weight of it, too much to add if it subtracts
fire in the hearth to add it to, to fling it in

in flames, incinerate, disintegrate, conflagrate

feather in verse
where it is not fit, does not fit
where it does not belong
saw thumb, like stick, sticks out

incongruous for days, for ages
sticks out as long as poetry
as long as language lasts

feather for the fire if it does not fit
if it is unfit, if it does not belong

can we be one, do we belong
me to you, you to me
belong to one country
one time, one world

added to creation, spoken into being
on the sixth day of the world
of the word

© Obediah Michael Smith, 2010
1:11 p.m. 05.04.10


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